Factory Tour

Machinery/Equipment for OEM/ODM

We imported the advanced equipment from overseas. They are: Re-flow machine, Luminous Intensity Analyzer, Linear Adapters, EMI testing Instrument, Power-factor Indicators, Leakage Current Tester, Optical Magnifier, Oscilloscopes, Moisture-resistant cabinet, One Generator, Air Compressor, Anti-static Soldering Station, Digital multimeter, aging testing Instrument and etc.

Production Department


Cree is our strategic partner; our Materials/Components are supplied by the world famous LED manufacturer as blow: CREE, EDISON, RUBYCON, EVERLIGHT, TI, FAIRCHILD,


R&D experience and support
R&D team creates the basic elements that make a product both desirable and competitive. The staffs of R&D team make research about the products and technical solutions; manage the schedule of LED projects; develop comprehensive product directory and structure of LED product and control; make Failure Analysis and quickly feed back to sales department.